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Goals and tasks

Creating new solutions in human health care through the development of Personified Translational Medicine on the basis of innovative model of transdisciplinary biomedical education and interdisciplinary research.

Achieving this objective requires transforming the priority area Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics based on Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology into Strategic Academic Unit “Translational 7P Medicine”. The StrAU structure will include University Clinic, four Centers of Excellence, three equipment shared facilities (link, link), Research and Educational Centre Pharmaceutics, as well as individual laboratories and departments of 10 KFU institutes and faculties.

          Key Tasks

  • Development the infrastructure for implementation and transfer of the research and educational programs and applied innovative technology designs in the field of Translation 7P Medicine.
  • Transdisciplinary transformation of the academic programs in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and establishment of joint research and educational environment for doctor’s training, development of translational medicine, internationalization of academic programs and improvement of global university competitiveness.
  • Breakthrough researches in the field of Translational 7P Medicine, conducted in close cooperation with the leading world research centres and universities. Creation of jointly financed research units.