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Research development

The most important criteria for gauging further development of the University as part of the StrAU depends on the compliance of issues of educational programs and areas of research to global challenges, the national research priorities (the order of the Russian Federation from December 20, 2012 №2433-p) and the forecast of scientific and technological development of Russia for the period up to 2030.

As a result, the priority area “Biomedical and Pharmaceutics” was transformed into StrAU “7P Translational Medicine”, to form a single multi-disciplinary scientific and educational space in the area of translational and personalized medicine. The conversion of all existing and newly formed Open Lab’s of the University was carried out, and the research subject was adjusted.

Research in the framework of StrAU will be concentrated in five interrelated research areas:
(1) Neurotechnology
(2) Personalized Medicine
(3) Regenerative Medicine
(4) Chemistry of Living Systems
(5) Biomedical Physics.

Fundamental research of phase T0 of translational research and applied translational research of phase T1 will be carried out in each area.

The development of research and teaching staff participating in implementation of research activities will focus on:

  • implementing grant programs and academic mobility programs with leading Russian and foreign universities and research centres.
  • implementing grant programs aiming to attract young research and teaching staff from Russia and abroad
  • participating in international, national, regional and own programs of academic mobility and programs of advanced research and teaching staff training
  • creating financial stimulation program for talented young researchers and teachers of KFU
  • improving professional linguistic skills of research and teaching staff of KFU.
  • using additional financial instruments (various grants such as Algarysh, the Board of Trustees Grant, and others)
  • сreating social and housing infrastructure for research and teaching staff (small-family housing in the Universiade Village, rental housing).

Other results and measures on developing the StrAU’s research activities

Creation of Translational Medicine Centre of KFU-RASA (Russian-speaking Academic Science Association).

Coordination of academic programs, joint research, exchange of staff and students, joint filling of international applications for grants. Organization of a collaborative conference in 2016.

Establishment of RIKEN–KFU Research Centre on the campus in Yokohama (Japan)

Withing the framework  joint international projects development with Japan, in particular, with a key partner of StrAU – the network of RIKEN institutions, according to the Japanese offer, there will be organized a research centre (Research unit) RİKEN-KFU on the campus in Yokohama, which is oriented on joint Russian-Japanese projects in the field of translational medicine and related fields. The formation of an official unit working on the implementation of scientific and industrial-oriented biomedical projects on the basis co-financing partnership with our Japanese partner institution will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of joint projects and academic reputation of KFU in the international academic community. A significant number of projects will be carried out in “mirror mode” meaning complementary use of unique equipment in KFU and RIKEN laboratories with active academic exchange of students and staff.

Establishment of the Cochrane-Russia Centre

In December 2015 Cochrane Central Executive Committee established Cochrane Russia http://russia.cochrane.org/ru/home. The centre is being created to support Cochrane in Russia and to implement the results of clinical studies of good quality to the educational process, scientific research, medical clinical practice and social sphere in order to develop evidence-based medicine in the Russian Federation. The activity of the Centre of Evidence-based medicine, Cochrane Russia, is aimed at providing training in the field of evidence-based medicine and related disciplines –academic and professional staff of biomedicine and pharmaceutics, through the integration of scientific, educational and intellectual potential into solving practice-oriented educational and research tasks of social and economic development of the Russian Federation, which are mainly aimed at improving the health of the population, as well as through the provision and transfer of Cochrane systematic reviews.

The development of partnership with Rusfond

As part of the creation of Russian Bone Marrow Donor Registry on the basis of the StrAU laboratory complex, the University Hospital and Biobank, along with one of the largest charitable funds in Russia – Russian aid fund (Rusfond), there will be organized potential donor recruitment and their HLA – genotyping and cryogenic storage of fractions of rare blood samples. Rusfond partners are PH “Kommersant” and the First channel of Russian TV.

Annual conferences and schools

Holding annual scientific and practical schools “Modern Neurotechnologies” and international conferences “From the neuron to the brain”, annual international seminars of KFU-RIKEN with the elements of student school “Life of Genomes” (the series began in 2014).

Creation and organization of the work of clinical research centre.

In December 2015 we received accreditation to conduct clinical trials of medicinal products in Clinical Research Centre of Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, KFU. Thus, we will conduct clinical trials of new methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation, which are developed as in StrAU of innovative products, as products introduced to the market by large domestic and foreign manufacturers.