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Center for Translational Medicine KFU-RASA

The non-profit organization RASA was established in the United States 10 years ago by scientists who left Russia. The association is characterized by a high scientific level of research of its members (the Hirsch index (international scientometric indicator) in some reaches 70, which is an indicator of the relevance of their research).

KFU scientists entered the work of the association in 2015, when at the meeting with RASA representatives the director of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of the KFU Andrei Kiyasov presented a project on the development of translational medicine adopted in the presence of the Minister of Education and Science of Russia Dmitry Livanov.

For the development of translational medicine in KFU – the optimal mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge and technology for their early implementation in clinical practice – at the level of high international standards, the Center for Translational Medicine of KFU-RASA was created, which works in cooperation with American and European partners.

President of RASA USA Nikolai Vasiliev, Minister of Health of the Tatarstan Republic Adel Vafin, Rector of KFU Ilshat Gafurov in IFMaB of KFU during the meeting of the International Scientific Conference “Translational Medicine, Present and Future”

Currently, RASA centers in Russia exist in St. Petersburg and Tomsk. On the establishment of the RASA center in Kazan on the basis of KFU was announced on May 24-25 at the meeting of the International Scientific Conference “Translational Medicine, Present and Future”. The conference allowed solving applied problems of modern medicine, outlining the range of scientific problems intended for joint search, became a field for the exchange of experience. On March 14, 2017, a trilateral agreement was signed on the establishment of long-term partnerships between the RASA center in Tomsk in TPU, the Center for Translational Medicine of KFU-RASA and the RASA-SPbPU Center.

The structure of the center of KFU-RASA includes three laboratories:

Open Lab “Electronic synapse”

Supervisor – Victor Erokhin (Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism, Italian Council for Science, Italy).

It was created to solve scientific problems aimed at the implementation of model experimental devices imitating certain functions of the nervous system, and the creation of trained computers of a new generation and. As a basic element, an organic memristor is used – an electronic device with properties similar to the synapse properties, proposed and first implemented by the laboratory head in 2005.

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Open Lab “Protein-Cell Interactions”

Supervisor – Rustem Litvinov, visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA).

The subject of research is related to translational medicine, which develops practical applications based on the achievements of fundamental science. The main specialization in the problem of thrombosis is one of the most urgent in clinical medicine.

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Open Lab “Molecular basis of pathogenesis and therapy of neoplastic diseases”

Supervisor – Ilya Serebriisky – visiting professor at Fox Chase Cancer Center (USA).

The field of fundamental research is the molecular basis of pathogenesis and therapy of tumoral diseases, in particular, for solving problems in the field of biomarkers  determination, research of mechanisms and development of therapy for oncological diseases. Realization of the project with the use of modern cellular and molecular biological technologies will allow to provide training of personnel capable at the highest level to interact with treating oncologists and to implement in practice the transition to personalized medicine.

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