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SEBC of Evidence-Based Medicine “Cochrane Russia”

In August 2015, Cochrane Coordination Center was established in Russia, located at the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of the KFU and operating as a branch of the Nordic (Scandinavian) Cochrane Center.

Cochrane Collaboration is an international non-profit organization that studies the effectiveness of medical technologies (health technologies) by critically evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing the results of scientific research through a rigorous systematic methodology that is constantly being improved. The results of these studies in the form of systematic reviews are published in a special database.

The organization represents a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients caring for them, and people interested in health issues. 37,000 members of the Cochrane collaboration from more than 130 countries work together to develop reliable and accessible medical information free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest. Cochrane authors are associated with the organization through the Cochrane groups located in the most respected academic and medical institutions of the world.

The Cochrane-Russia group, which is located in the IFMaB KFU, contributes to the development of systematic reviews of infectious diseases, stroke and epilepsy, and the group is also carrying out a large-scale project of translations into Russian. Since 2015, Cochrane-Russia has begun to conduct schools / seminars aimed at providing methodological support to potential authors of the Cochrane systematic reviews, particularly to researchers who are planning to develop the Cochrane systematic review for the first time, to help participants in registering the name and developing the Cochrane systematic review protocol.

The site of the center of Cochrane-Russia