Ilshat Gafurov

The curator of the strategic academic units, Rector of Kazan Federal University, Professor, Doctor of Economics, PhD in Physics and Mathematical Sciences

Andrey Kiyasov

Head of StrAU, Director of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology KFU, Professor, Doctor of Science (h-index 8)

Albert Rizvanov

Director of “Gene and Cellular Technologies” project, Chief Researcher, Professor, Department of Genetics IFMB KFU, Doctor of Science (h-index 16)

Marat Yusupov

Leading Researcher “Structural Biology” Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology KFU, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France, (h-index 23)

Rustem Hazipov

Head “Neurobiology” project, Leading researcher of Scientific Research Laboratory Neuroscience and Director of investigations Inserm-U901 (h-index 40)

Yoshihide Hayashizaki

Director of “Omics technologies in Biomedicine” project, Director of the Innovation Program in Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics RIKEN, (h-index 90)

Yuri Lvov

PhD, DSc, Professor Institute for Micromanufacturing, Louisiana Tech University, USA (h-index-74)  

Alexander Tropsha

Associate Dean for Pharmacoinformatics and Data Science;  Adjunct Professor in the Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science Departments, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, UNC-Chapel Hill,  USA, PhD, (h-index – 50)

Alexander Varnek

Head of chemoinformatics laboratory of Strasbourg University, Professor, (h-index – 28)

Savério Bellusci

Leading researcher of OpenLab Gene and Cellular Technology, Ph.D. Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Giessen, Germany,  (h-index 39)

Victor Erokhin

Leading Researcher of OpenLab «Electronic Synapse”, Institute of Materials for Electriconics and Magnetism, Italian Council for Science, Italy (h-index 25)

Andrei Rozov

Research Fellow at the University of Heidelberg (h-index 25)

Lenar Rashitov

Director Simulation Centre, Head of the Department of Emergency Medical Care and Medical Simulation of Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Candidate of Medical Science, Associate Professor