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Chemistry of living systems

The structure of the center of excellence “Chemistry of living systems” includes:

RSL “Chemoinformatics and molecular modeling”

Manager: Antipin Igor, corresponding member of RAS, Professor, D.Sc. Chemistry

The main purpose of the laboratory is the use of intelligent data analysis and various techniques of molecular modeling to solve practical problems of chemistry. Research is conducted in the following areas:

  • The use and development of tools of chemoinformatic and molecular modeling to design new materials and medicines;
  • Modeling organic and metabolic reactions using methods of chemoinformatics: from empirical to predictive chemistry;
  • Data mining for translational medicine.

RSL “Laboratory of synthetic physiologically active substances”

Director: Galkin Vladimir Ivanovich, D.Sc. Chemistry, Professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan Republic, Director of the Chemical Institute of KFU;

The aim of the project: conducting complex scientific and educational activities aimed at development of innovative drugs, as well as to train highly qualified drug developers.


  1. Research and development in the field of development of innovative medicines;
  2. Graduate in “Medical chemistry”, opening in 2016. Development of educational programs and their introduction into educational practice

RSL “Biofunctional chemistry”, project “Biomolecules”

Head: Kurbangalieva Almira Rafaelovna, PhD., associate Professor

The laboratory was established after the signing of the Memorandum of understanding between the National Institute of natural Sciences RIKEN (Japan) and the Chemical Institute of KFU

The main directions of the laboratory:

  • Development of new homo – and heterogeneous glycoconjugates for selective recognition and imaging of the target organs and tumors;
  • Reactivity of organic azides toward acrolein and development of a new method of detecting toxic acrolein inside living cells under conditions of oxidative stress;
  • The directed synthesis of new eight-membered nitrogen-containing heterocycles of the series of 1,5-diazocycloalkanes and new aspects of the reactivity of unsaturated conjugated imins obtained from acrolein and biologically significant amines;
  • Development of methods of directed synthesis, study of structure and properties of new sulfur-containing derivatives of chemically and biologically active five-membered oxygen – and nitrogen-containing heterocycles of the series of 2(5H)-furanone and 3-pyrrolin-2-it.