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Regenerative medicine

In the structure of the center of excellence “Regenerative medicine” are:

RSL “Gene and cell technologies”

Head: Albert A. Rizvanov, PhD, h-index = 16, Professor of genetics IFMiB KFU

Research is conducted in several directions:

development of gene and cell therapy for regenerative medicine;

study of humoral and cellular immunity in viral infections, autoimmune and infectious diseases;

research in the field of oncology;

development of new drugs on the basis of  system “target-ligand”.


RSL “Bioactive polymers and peptides”, project “Peptide”

Head: Timur Abdullin Ildarovich, PhD, associate Professor of the Department of biochemistry and biotechnology IFMiB KFU, h-index = 7

The laboratory conducts interdisciplinary research and development within priority areas of Kazan Federal University “Biomedicine and pharmaceutics”. The main scientific directions of the laboratory are:

□ systems of drug delivery;

□ synthetic and natural bioactive peptides;

□ medical supplies.

Laboratory implements a number of fundamental and applied projects with foreign universities and the leading Russian medical centers. Key partners of the laboratory are: the University of Brighton (UK), Budapest University of technology and Economics (Hungary), Republican clinical hospital (Kazan), Institute of surgery named after A. Vishnevsky (Moscow). Projects are implemented in cooperation with innovative company OOO “Biomedtech KFU”, created with the participation of Kazan Federal University.


RSL Molecular basis of pathogenesis and therapy of tumor diseases, Telek project

Head: Ilya Serebrisky H., Assistant Professor (h-index — 21), Fox Chase Cancer Center FCCC, USA

Area of ongoing basic research are the molecular basis of pathogenesis and therapy of tumor diseases, in particular for solving problems in identifying biomarkers, studies of the mechanisms and development the treatment of cancer. Implementation of the project using modern cell and molecular biological technologies will allow to provide personnel training, capable of the highest level interact with the treating oncologists and implement the transition to personalized medicine.

In the development of personalized medicine are actively used receiving and comprehensive description of xenografts from patients as close as possible to the clinic. Such experimental models (xenograft) become the de-facto norm in modern cancer center and allow us to develop individualized recommendations for use of medicines for cancer patients.


RSL “Bioengineering and regenerative medicine” project “Biorem”

Research in the laboratory are conducted in the following areas:

  1. Create tissue-engineered esophagus based on scaffold of biopolymer materials, and seeded with mesenchymal stromal cells from bone marrow.
  1. Orthotopic transplantation of a tissue-engineered esophagus of rodents and lower primates. (Conducted jointly with the research Institute of Medical Primatology, Sochi)
  1. The study of biocompatibility of synthetic scaffolds for tissue engineering in vitro.
  1. The study of gender and age differences of MSCS and other cells isolated from various sources of rodents and primates.
  1. The creation of the organelles of the esophagus and lung of rodents.