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On the basis of the research laboratory, “Neurobiology”, created with the support of Mega-grant of the Russian Government, Centre of Excellence Neurobiology was formed.

Director: Roustem Khazipov – Leading Researcher of KFU Neuroscience Research Laboratory and Director of Inserm-U901 research (Marseille, France) (h-index 39).

To implement the project of Centre of Excellence following OpenLab’s have been established:

  • Internationally associated laboratory “Neurobiology of development” jointly with INSERM (France), invited scientists Khalilov I. (h-index 22) and Minlebaev M. (h-index 11), Giniatullin R. (h-index 27, University of East Finland, Kuopio, the theme of “Pain and Migraine”), Rozov A. (h-index of 25, University of Heidelberg, Germany, the theme of “Synaptic Plasticity”)
  • “Combinatorial chemistry and neurobiology”, invited scientist Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Gabibov G., (h-index of 18, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, the theme: “Research of the Molecular Basis of Neurodegenerative Diseases”);
  • “Neuropharmacology”, invited scientists Patrick Masson, (h-index 34, France), Nikolsky E.E., Acad.of RAS, (h-index 18, KSC, RAS, the theme: “Neuromuscular Transmission”).
  • “Electronic Synapse”, invited scientist Erokhin V.V. (h-index 21, the Institute of Electronic Materials and magnetism of Parma, Italy, the theme: “Biosimilar System”).
  • “Motor Neurorehabilitation”, inviting scientists Gerasimenko Y.P., (h-index 21, the University of California, USA), and Lavrov I.A., (h-index 15, University of California, USA, the theme: “The Motor Neurorehabilitation”).

According to the research in 2015, 46 articles were published WoS (total IF 143).