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Autonomy level

Supervisor of StrAU is offered special administrative powers by the Letter of Trust from KFU Rector, namely:

  • to conclude or terminate employment contracts with StrAU employees, sign orders on their admission and discharge;
  • to represent the interests of Kazan Federal University in the Government, commercial and public organizations on issues related to StrAU activities;
  • to sign financial documents related to StrAU activities, including payment requests, invoices, payment orders, delivery notes, demands, service acceptance acts and certificate of services rendered, acts of reconciliations with counterparties, acts of health conditions research, statements on salary, time recording sheets, work schedules, cash documents, records, expense reports and other reports on the activities of StrAU (financial / non-financial), certificates, letters and other documents related to the activities of StrAU;
  • to sign contracts for the supply of goods, works, services and supplements to them, concluded for organization and management of StrAU activities;
  • to sign the orders for the establishment of bonuses and other incentive payments for StrAU employees funded by the StrAU activities;
  • to sign orders for sending StrAU employees to work trips within the approved budgets;
  • to make regulations obligatory for all StrAU employees within the limits of the powers.

 StrAU Resources: unified financial, tangible and intangible funds at the expense of the subsidies of the Program for Enhancing KFU’s Competitive Ranking, scientific and academic potential of StrAU participants, internal deductions from the income of StrAU participants, grants, revenues from the educational activities of StrAU and other sources not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

StrAU participants’ contributions, as well as products, revenues provided by StrAU activities, and property from other sources, are spent only for the purposes of KFU activities.

Participants strive to solve all disputes that may arise by negotiation.