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Scientific-educational Center of pharmaceutics

Was created in the framework of the program Pharma-2020. The main task is the development of innovative drugs: the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances, screening for a specific activity, the elucidation of the mechanisms of action, preclinical studies, manufacturing of finished dosage forms.

Head. Shtyrlin Yurii Grigorevich, Director of  SEC pharmacy of KFU,  head of the Department of medicinal chemistry, PhD, 1961

Key partners in the implementation of projects, a brief description of their role:

  1. JSC “Tatchempharmpreparaty” (Industrial partner. Provides commercialization of results of intellectual (scientific and technical) project activity).
  2. FSBI “Scientific research Institute of New Antibiotics named after G.F.Gauze”. (Co-executor of projects carried out under the contract of preclinical studies of pharmaceutical substances and finished dosage forms).
  3. JSC “Research Institute of Chemical Diversity,” Center of high technologies “Khimrar” (CJSC “IIHR” Chemrar). (Coauthor projects. Performs within the framework of Contracts pre-clinical studies of pharmaceutical substances and finished dosage forms.

The total sum of financing in 2015 amounted to 82 million Rubles.